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LTD Tokyo Bandana - Seigaiha

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Once-in-a-brand Bandana

Never before have we produced a bandana. But we’re in so much love with this LIMITED Tokyo edition, we might make it a regular thing. But how do I wear it, we hear you cry. There are so many ways to wear a bandana we’ve lost count. You can even hang this Seigaiha-style wave pattern one as a piece of art it looks that good. Trust us, life will be better with Japanese-inspired bandana.

80% polyester 20% nylon

Dose up on Luck, Power and Resilience.

Key to our LIMITED Tokyo release is the Seigaiha-style wave pattern. Finished in Racing Blue and pink, no self-respecting Shinichi (Japensephile) would be seen paying homage to Tokyo without it.

"No Japanese Keirin die-hard would be seen dead in a bandana. But we didn't think there would be much interest in a disused betting slip"

Black Sheep Staffer (Two Green Beacon Beers deep)


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