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Men's Essentials TEAM Vest - Block Black

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You don't change a winning formula. The TC20 vest features all the great tech you know and love from previous season. By using FlexShellⓒ fabric down the front, we are able to maintain the combination of lightweight, impermeability to wind and water, and comfort. Incase that's not enough, running mesh fabric downthe back adds more warmth and ventilation. Designed to be worn from 5 to 20 degrees, or anywhere it's cold, windy, or where the weather is giving you the shits.

130 GSM woven front

FlexShell(C) fabric

Open Cell Mesh rear panel

EasyEntry Zipper (it's a thing)

Overlocked Seams

Silicone gripper

The Lightweight Layer

Made with the FlexShell fabric you know and love, the TC20 Vest is lightweight, impermeable to wind and water, and frigging awesome to wear. The rear mesh fabric provides more warmth with added ventilation.


The FlexShellⓒ front fabric is lightweight, impermeable to wind and water. It is also quite possibly the most comfortable weather barrier you can own.

Open Cell Mesh

While we have the front covered in terms of weather protection, you still want to breathe and move freely, right? Open Cell Mesh allows your body to better manage its core temperature while also being flexible to mould to your body's contours. This combination gives you effective, yet comfortable weather protection.

Effective Storage

We have you covered, in all senses of the word. Stuff it in your pockets, or stuff your pockets. Small enough to be rolled up and stored in your jersey. Or use the built in pockets to avoid the awkward fumble to access your jersey pockets when it's on.


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