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Women's Classic WMN Jersey - Navy

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Our Classic Jersey is built on our incredibly successful WMN Collection, this Jersey is designed for women, by women. The LuxLite Jersey provides incredible anti-sweat performance, with a luxurious weight and feel, with the benefit of body contouring for the ultimate fit. LuxLite fabric is used through the front. SweatMesh fabric with Sun Protect through the back.


• Anti Sweat for incredible comfort

• Body Contouring for ultimate female fit

• Seamless-tube sleeve

• 40+ UPF Sun protection

• Zipped valuable pockets

• Three rear-pockets

Our Stripes

Cycling Jerseys have gone through many iterations. From beige and bland to visually noisy and laden with sponsors. From irritating wool to the unsustainable use of silk. But one thing has remained almost ubiquitous – the classic stripe. This is our version. Built with performance fabrics the peloton would be proud of.

“One of the photographers pointed at Fignon and said: ‘He’s going to win and I don’t know why, but I just thought to myself at that moment: ‘I’m going to win.’ I guess part of me at that moment realised I actually could.” - Marianne Martin


LuxLite provides incredible anti sweat performance, with the ultimate female specific fit through body contouring. UPF 40+ sun protection.

Zoned Fabric Construction

Zoned Fabric Construction is what we have called the specific arrangement of key aerodynamic fabrics to achieve decreased drag. We have used FormDimple, with the ultimate female specific fit through body contouring, in regions of high wind velocity (shoulder and arms, upper back) to increase the boundary layer, and smoothen the air flow. This has been proven to decrease the Coefficient of Drag by recorded decreases in turbulence, ultimately increasing bike speed. Studies have shown this improvements over a 90km time trial of 45 - 67.5 seconds.


F*&k being the fastest. These striped jerseys are dedicated to the forgotten heroes of cycling's rich tapestry, famed as much for their lunatic attacks as they are their palmares.


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