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Women's Lacaune Kit

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The LACAUNE (pronounced ‘La-kwan’) women’s kit was released even before the marble trend became a thing again. We’re not saying we started the movement (maybe we did), but we’re certainly putting a full stop on it. Will you be a part of the marble movement?. Don’t be fooled by the dominant blacks and whites. She is as complicated, intricate, and unique as anything to come before her. Her flowing patterning is chic, with a mixture of awesomeness and grace in one very complex package. LACAUNE, the ewe, is one of France’s most sort-after dairy-producing breeds and responsible for producing succulent vintages of Roquefort and Feta cheese. Expect to see people drooling when wearing the LACAUNE.


The Women’s Lacaune Kit features both jersey and bibs that are women’s specific sizing, with panelling moulded to the female body shape.


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