ARA Skip Capital is the home of some of Australia’s top U23 road cyclists, women and men. A team built on the foundation of athletic development, higher education, and just general all-rounded development.

Three past ARA riders, including Cameron Scott, Maeve Plouffe, and Anya Louw, signed professional contracts, joining the European pro peloton in 2023. Meanwhile, back home, the Women's team received their first invitation to race in the 2023 Tour Down Under, and Sophie Edwards powered to win the ‘Warnie'. Fast forward to June, and the ARA Skip Capital team secured their spot to race in the Giro Next Gen, affectionately known as the 'Baby Giro'. What's next for a program that is taking the lead in developing Australia’s future of cycling?

ARA Skip Capital is made possible through the support of a passionate group of companies. These include ARA Group, Skip Capital, Sunshine Coast Council, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australian Cycling Academy, Wilson Asset Management, Black Sheep, Factor Bikes, Liebherr, MacKellar Group, Cricks VW Sunshine Coast, TGI Cargo, Plasmaide, FIXX, MAXXIS, Hammerhead, Todays Plan, SRAM, KASK, Caden and SunGod.