Since 2016, ESSENTIALS has been our 360-day collection.
The do anything. Go anywhere. For anybody kit.

Black Sheep is now ridden on every continent around the world. Different climates. Diverse cultures. One incredible flock. ESSENTIALS needs to reflect this. To embrace different fits, different skin types, and different conditions.


Now more than just one fit, you have two. TEAM or TOUR. Our TEAM Jerseys are race fit. Designed to be sleek and fitted. Our TOUR Jerseys are firm fit. Designed to be versatile for any body shape.


Our TOUR Jerseys are a raglan sleeve, and are slightly longer in length and wider across the chest, when compared to our TEAM Jerseys.

All garments in our ESSENTIALS Collection consist of fabrics rated with 50+ UPF sun protection (Expert tip. That’s excellent). But we are going further with specific garments that create even more skin coverage to protect you from harmful UV rays. The ESSENTIALS CoverUp range of products are maximal coverage and ultimate breathability. Designed for any climate or culture around the world.


The L/S Jerseys are made of lightweight LightAsteroid 2.0 that has 50+ UPF sun protection, with ultimate breathability.

Using the same fabric and features as our much-loved ESSENTIALS TEAM Bibs, our TOUR Bib has a wider 80mm MAB elastic cuff for a little more versatility. Built with the all-new ass-et protecting High-Density Chamois. It’s a mouth full, but your rear will be loving you.


The TOUR Bib and Brace features a wider 80mm MAB elastic cuff for a little more versatility.

Our goal with ESSENTIALS is pretty simple. To make a range of garments that you can wear anywhere around the world. In bunch rides around Brisbane, and on climbs outside LA. In crits in Melbourne, and at coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur.

All day. Everyday. Anywhere.