There are two sides to us all.
The magic is what happens in between.

LIMITED Split the Difference, created by acclaimed Dutch artist Nick Liefhebber, explored this interconnected, yet beautiful alternate universe. A place where contrary forces become complementary and connected worlds collide.

About Nick Liefhebber.

Utrecht-based artist Nick Liefhebber explores the positive tension that exists between the dualities that make the world spin. This duality courses through his own work. Geometric meets organic. Analogue meets digital. Old school meets new.

Having collaborated with Apple, Doc Martens & Desigual, Nick brings a pair of bold, brightly-coloured and beautifully disruptive pair of eyes to LIMITED.

See his work

As cyclists, we are faced with dualities every day. Pleasure and pain. Instinct and control. Passion or obsession. Strive or survive. For LIMITED Split the Difference, Nick Liefhebber created one unique piece of artwork. With two distinct yet parallel sides. Two striking complementary hero garment designs. Dark or light. Burnt or frigid. Love or hate. Which one represents you and where do you split in the middle?


Bold, brave and unapologetic. LIMITED launched the Black Sheep brand to the world. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Designs, original or collaborations, are disruptive and divide opinion. LIMITED is not around long enough to sit on the fence. But they will make you stand out like, well. A Black Sheep.

LIMITED Split the Difference was built on our new Essentials 22 range. Two unisex jersey designs with matching LIMITED Bib and Brace featuring our latest BSC High Density Pad by Greenlime®