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Random is a Mental Health project by

Black Sheep Cycling.

The last couple of years have been bonkers. Surviving viruses and recessions has felt like a rollercoaster where we’re really exhilarated, have thrown up multiple times, and are right back where we started. For us, we’ve been through it all. And we know you have, too. We hear ya’. We feel ya’. And as much as we’re motivated by progress, and goals, and success. We’re also now craving being a little f$ckin’ random.
Being random sounds like something from a self-help book. Or a caption from some loved-up couple on Instagram that just brought an RV and is proclaiming their new-found existence of living off-grid. But being random for us is a desire to do the unexpected. Either for ourselves or someone else. Those random, spur of the moment decisions, that get you excited and out of your funk. And it’s not just good for you, it’s infectious for those around.

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Science of Random.

We haven’t been enlightened or converted. But like you, this roller coaster has taught us the value of people and places above everything else. So this is what we’re starting with. We’re going to take a random afternoon off. Or just hav’ a laugh with a mate. We might go on a random bike-packing trip. Or just crack a smile with a stranger. And we’re going to play our favourite golf courses. Or maybe lend a hand to someone that needs it. Less planning. More random.

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Random Acts of Kindness
A Mental Health Project by Black Sheep Cycling
Coming 15.2.23