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Barmy Army Womens Red Army Kit



From Russia with Love comes the women's Red Army Kit. But it's association with the Russian Revolution stops with its colour and the star that adornes the jersey's sleeve. We also scoured military encyclopaedia for a likeness to the unique pattern we've created, but couldn't nd anything this cool. So, this is camou age Black Sheep style. No history lesson. No hiding in the undergrowth. Bold, bright and brilliant. It's up to you whether you wear it to ght socialism or scale mountains.


Cycling apparel and war aren't obvious bunk bedfellows, but this is camo gone crazy. The Australians among you will know the Barmy Army as the fanatical-travelling, trumpet-blowing cheer squad that follow the English cricket team to our fair shores every few years. Well, we took their name for motivation, left any further analogies to English cricket at the oval and went about our business of creating army-inspired fatigues finding our in influence from the mods and rockers of 1960s to the Russian Revolution's Red Army.


  • 130 gsm, 30% lycra, 70% poly, warp-knit fabric
  • Milled in Italy with incredible hand feel
  • Moulded shoulders
  • Black Sheep lap-label on sleeve
  • Three rear-pockets
  • Set-in sleeve construction
  • Pro Fit
  • Cold wash only


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