Elements Glove - Black

Elements Glove - Black
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When the temperatures hit single digits, our Long Finger Gloves will be your go-to accessory. Premium fabric with an inner brushed lining is supremely soft against the skin and has a water-resistant finish for protection during light rain.

Elements Glove - Black
Firm Fit
Find your Fit.
Our Elements Glove is FIRM fit. This means that the garment is fitted, but not exposing. Firm in areas to avoid baggage, but enough stretch and freedom in the fabric to hero your body shape.
Product Features.
• Water resistant exterior
• Textured surface for enhanced grip
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Reduce Moisture Build-up.

0 - 10 deg

For Winter Ridin'


Incredible abrasion resistance

Hero fabric.

Breathable, durable, and no stink!


Anti Stink

Restricts the growth of odour-causing bacteria and decreases fibre breakdown caused by bacteria.


Find Your Fit.

Firm Fit

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