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Men's Max Alt Kit

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Inspired by a poster on a St Gallen bus shelter – red block, bold typography, but one of the best designs you have ever seen. So simple. So Swiss. So good. Built on the foundations of a grided layout and type. Like that understated best mate that just oozes cool, let the Scarlet Red and the deep navy grab your attention, but allow the simplistic detail to leave you wanting more.


LIMITED | Swiss Legacy is a progressive exploration through traditional and modern minimalism. In the past Swiss-style was so well considered, it gave the impression it was created with little effort. That legacy is now being reinterpreted with more personality, playfulness and humour. To honour the past and present, each kit in this LIMITED Collection comes with choice: Old versus new; alt versus neue. Neither is wrong, all of it is right. The choice is entirely up to you.


  • 130gsm warp-knit fabric
  • 86% Polyester / 14% Elastane
  • Italian Milled
  • Soft Hand Feel


Traditionalists see minimalism as a focus of typography and layout, nothing more and nothing less. Cut the crap - get to the point.

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