71 grams of pure climbing comfort.

Men's Racing Climbers Jersey - Atlantis Ombre

The Climbers Jersey uses a revolutionary fabric that has the lightness and strength of a woven fabric, combined with the openness and comfort of a knit. The result is a jersey that weighs 71g finished (go on, measure your other jerseys), that is beautifully soft (thanks to both the elastane and the weight), and made for going up.

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Men's Racing Climbers Jersey - Atlantis Ombre
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Race Fit.
Crafted for Performance.
Expect a tight fit to ensure aerodynamics on the bike, or at the coffee shop!

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Our lightest jerseys for
hot days and long climbs,
when decreasing the
overall load of kit is high
on the list of priorities.

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A jersey meant to save weight, so you don’t have to.

By adding a higher amount of elastane, and using an innovative technique that rearranges the threads of the weave, we can flip the downsides of woven fabrics. Now, we can create a fabric that is incredibly light (35% lighter with same yarn composition as a similar knit) and a fabric that dries quicker.


UltraLight 71 Smooth.
Polyester: 60%, Spandex: 40%

Finer Details.

UltraLight 71 Quad
is a the lightest
cycling performance fabric. Aero Bonded Band
used to make sure it
doesn't ride up during your climb.


Produced in Italy in one of the world's best performance fabric mills.
Warp-knit fabrics achieve unrivaled comfort, durability, and performance.

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