Your Weather Shield.

Women's Essentials TEAM Vest - Italian Plum

The only thing predictable about the weather is its unpredictability. Protect yourself with our stow-away Essentials Team Cycling Vest. So you can be the smug one when Mother Nature gets sassy.

Women's Essentials TEAM Vest - Italian Plum
Women's Essentials TEAM Vest - Black
Women's Essentials TEAM Vest - Charcoal
Women's Essentials TEAM Vest - Scarab

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For the wet and the windy.

10 - 20 deg

For Rain or Mild Temps


Lightweight Stretch-Woven

80% Resistance

High Water Resistance

Hero fabric.


A stretch-woven fabric with active stretch that'll stop wind and rain, whilst packing down tight. Score.


Stretch Woven Technology.

The increased stretch component allows for the perfect fit, no matter your body shape. And thanks to the innovative construction techniques, our fabric is 35% lighter than similar fabrics with the same composition.


Water Resistance.

A vest that stops the wind and water, and packs down tight. You'll love it!

Find Your Fit.

Our Women's Essentials TEAM Vest is FIRM fit. This means that the garment is fitted, but not exposing. Firm in areas to avoid baggage, but enough stretch and freedom in the fabric to hero your body shape. Brie is 55cm waist/165cm height/50kg and wears a Women's XSmall