Smart layering can be tricky to conquer with so many variables from temperature, wind chill and moisture to the changing conditions on a ride. So if you need a hand figuring out which pieces you should add to your kit wardrobe this winter, or when you should wear a thermal jersey versus a winter cycling jacket, this guide is for you.

Each section covers the different types of garments to consider, and the climate and conditions they’re designed for.

Winter Cycling Gear Key Considerations.


Staying dry when mother nature throws her absolute worst at you.


Using fabrics to regulate your body tempreture so you keep warm when the temperature drops.


Being flexible and allowing you to adapt to the changing temperature and conditions.

Base Layer & Transeasonal Accessories.

Keep the cold air out. And the moisture off your skin. Our full range of transeasonal accessories give you the versatility you need when the temperatures drop. There when you need it. Easy to peel off and stow when you don’t.

Mid Layers.

Mid-layers are designed to balance insulation with comfort. When worn over a base layer, the below range and combination of garments provide insulation for most winter conditions down to almost freezing temperatures. They’re also light enough to pop a jacket over on days when it’s getting closer to 30-35° F/ (-)1-2° C, howling or just plain wet.

Women's Elements SS Thermal Jersey - Rose
$170.00 AUD

Women's Elements SS Thermal Jersey - Rose

$170.00 AUD

Bibs + Warmers.

Using fabric technology that regulates the microclimate between body and garment. Thermal fabrics provide a barrier to the cold air on the outside, whilst brush layers keep you toasty and dry on the inside.


Take the sting out of freezing temperatures with the most robust and weather-proof garments in our range. Designed to keep you pedalling as temperatures plummet. From heavy-duty outerwear garments to items that are easily packable. Designed to keep the elements out. And keep you looking great doing so.

Winter Accessories.

The first extremities to feel the cold are always your fingers, toes,
and your beautiful head. That’s why choosing the best winter cycling gloves, thermal caps, headbands and oversocks are so vital to a winter on the bike.